Frequently asked questions

Is the KNX/EIB system prone to failures? What to do in such a case?

Let us look at the statistics: at over four thousand components installed by SMARTech over the course of 11 years only 0,5% have failed (20 components). At proper usage the system will thus be virtually faultless, however, if we do in the end somehow 'manage' to break a console it will not influence the work of the system as a whole. The remaining equipment will function properly, irrespective of the fault.

Is the system protected from power surges?

Every home electric installation is susceptible to power surges. The smart home also needs protection i. e. from atmospheric discharges. Protection is ensured by special devices installed for this purpose in the main electric switch cabinet.

Can anyone break into the system via the Internet?

The internet communication module is optional. However, even if there is will to break in, access to all functions is password-protected. Without the password nobody can i. e. remotely turn on the lights. In any case a break-in only has a point if it will bring anyone any profit, and remotely switching someone's light on would rather not do this.

What does presence simulation of the system mean?

When the family is resting away from home (i. e. on holiday), the house becomes an attractive target for burglars. Presence simulation greatly reduces the risk of an unpleasant surprise after the holiday. A special module 'records' the activities of the members of the family in the period before the trip, and then 'plays them back'. The result is very convincing, because it reflects actual tasks and activities that vary from day to day.


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