The set of guidebooks about KNX systems and installations

The offered set contains guidebooks, which will provide you with knowledge about:

  • Possibilities of smart home systems
  • How not to forget that one little cable, when you wire installation?
  • Which KNX/EIB system to choose?
  • How to win customers for Premium products?
  • How to create a KNX/EIB design and intelligent installation?
  • How To Pick And Choose KNX Equipment?
  • How to build an electric switch cabinet for the KNX/EIB system?
  • How To Start Up The KNX System?
  • How to sign safe agreement for Smart Home system?

Over 1100 pages of up to date, unique knowledge about SMARThome systems, just for  €467  €277

(files that you can download on your computer)

These guidebooks are described below and are available separately, independently of the presented package.

How to make your house intelligent?

„How to make your house intelligent?" is the only publication on the market to gather all basic information about intelligent home systems in a reader-friendly guide form. The guide is targeted primarily at persons building or designing a house or flat, but also at specialists and designers who would like to get to know the basics or have them all together in one publication. The guide has over 160 pages ou


How not to forget that one little cable?

Do you know that forgetting one little cable you run the risk of having to break up your walls and listen to your family complaining that you weren't foresighted and hadn't bought our list? It contains over 200 tips for investors, installation specialists and designers of electrical installations. Persons building a house or flat, specialists and designers often wonder, which cables are required for which applications in a house or apartment. Certain things are obvious (lighting). but some of them, although useful, are sometimes forgotten about (i. e. protection of the computer network against lightning; phone charger outlet behind the hall cupboard). Browsing hundreds of pages of superficial information is time consuming. However, this can be avoided. You can find out more about this guide and download free samples on 


How to create a KNX/EIB design and intelligent installation?

45 pages of solid tips for installation specialists and designers of KNX/EIB systems, but also for investors who would like themselves (or with the help of a befriended specialist) to create a design and installation for their own intelligent home. Browsing hundreds of pages of general information and tens of websites is time-consuming and ineffective. Do away with all this by purchasing our guide. Find out more and download a free sample on


How To Pick And Choose KNX Equipment?

There are already over 5000 devices for the KNX system on the market, offered by 165 manufacturers. How to handle such a mass? How to select the right device to suit user requirements? From among over 5000 devices, this guide contains on over one hundred pages descriptions and/or photos of over 250 of the most important or most interesting devices and their uses, including a handful of practical tips. Find out more and download free samples on


How to build an electric switch cabinet for the KNX/EIB system?

26 pages of solid information for installation specialists and constructors of KNX/EIB switch cabinets. It will guide you step by step through the process of assembly and equipping of large electric switch cabinets. It also gives tips on what to remember and what should be considered particularly carefully. Find out more and download free samples on


How To Start Up The KNX System?

A guide on programming KNX devices in the ETS application, meaning - a guide to starting up the system. This publication will provide you with the knowledge you require. It shall replace standard programming training, and having read it, you will be able to begin programming and starting up a KNX system i. e. for a small house all by yourself. Find out more and download free samples on


How to win customers for Premium products?

Solid information for everyone offering Premium-class products to their customers - expensive, luxury components for the home that are not required by most people, who still dream of them, and yet are available for the few who consider them absolutely necessary :) the publication focuses on practical hints that can be used straight away. Find out more and download free samples from


Installations - document templates

We provide templates of documents, designed by experts from SMARTech in consultation with lawyers. Apart from a contract draft for the execution of an installation, available are, among others, commissioning protocols, system verification documents, even calls for payment. Find out more about this guide and order it from


The above listed guidebooks, bought separately, would cost EUR 497.


But that's not all!

Ordering this set, you will also receive:

  • Bonus 1: A general guide to 14 smart home systems available in Europe, with a table comparing their 36 features in detail.
  • Bonus 2: special report: Which KNX/EIB system to choose?
  • Bonus 3: A 167-page basic guide to Smart Home Systems
  • Bonus 4: KNX/EIB element symbols for AutoCAD


Why is this solution so interesting for you?

Take a look at the value of materials you are receiving:

Even up to 25 000 EUR – in case of the execution of several fully protected and secure orders for smart installations, a home theatre system or a multiroom system.

1187 EUR – this would be the value of a training course during which one would be taught the drawing up of secure documents

677 EUR – this would be the price of a DVD with the training course if we were to distribute it in this manner. 

497 EUR – this is the estimated value of printed material from the training seminar, which would explain the suggested solutions

277 EUR – you only need to invest this much in order to receive this set of guidebooks. Thus you gain access to this information any time and anywhere you should need it.


Five reasons why to order

You receive knowledge checked in practice
You don't waste time searching for information
You receive concise, clearly arranged content
You receive your guides immediately upon ordering
No risk - money back guarantee

P. S. I will not ask you to take my word. There is no need for it, because my security about the value of this knowledge allows me to give you a 30-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.


If within 30 days from making the order you come to the conclusion that the knowledge you had received doesn't fulfil your expectations, let me know, and I will refund you the money.

Mariusz Szepietowski

This simple decision is now up to you:

"I am more than pleased about the content of your publications – all of them are very useful.
Heinz Lux, Director of KNX Association, Brussels, Belgium

"These Clearly Explained Set of Books contain All the Information a KNX System Integrator would like to know but is afraid to Ask
Gurudath Kavalu - founding Member of the KNX National Group in India


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